Anonymous asked: Do you have any idea what song is playing at the 8 minute mark in College Cunts? I've searched through tons of soundclouds and couldn't find anything! /watch?v=Kve0QkPuVQo is a reupload

That track is “Harm Done” by Viking Girlfriends, from the album “rob”.


The Pledge That You Have Taken Before God And Man


I mixed this the other day.

In the first half of this video I made Sam sound slightly more cartoonish.  In the second half he chose to use some of my music.  I haven’t released this track yet because I want to do more with it and some similar stuff so you can’t have it yet.

this is like what a haunted warehouse sounds like

I made all of these this morning for a thing


Anonymous asked: Can you post a link to "The Paradise Elevator"? I can't find it anywhere besides that video

Since I’m getting a lot of anonymous messages lately…

From my “Contact” page:  Tumblr users feel free to message me on here, but keep in mind I can only respond to anonymous questions publicly and may choose not to.  Please use email if you think this could be an issue.  Thank you.

Now about that song…  It’s the extended version of “The Parachute Ending” by Birdy Nam Nam (not me).  Here it is on beatport for $1.50.  Enjoy.