Anonymous asked: Hi, big fan of your sound work. I was wondering if you had any idea what track was used in the credits for the College Cunts video. Having a hard time finding any info on it since the channel went down.

I don’t know the name of the song, but I think it’s by orangy.  Here’s his twitter:

Most people who ask about MDE music are looking for his music.  Everybody should ask him instead.


Anonymous asked: what do you use to make music?

oops I replied to the wrong thing hold on

I use a lot of stuff.  I’ll make a video about it some day soon.

This question is good because it’s not asking specifically about what software I use.


Anonymous asked: Hey man, I'm sorry, you probably get tons of asks like this, but I recently watched The Prodigal Stunna, and I can't find the song "Control" by Splatter anywhere. His soundcloud is completely empty now. If you can point me towards anywhere I'd be able to find it, that'd be cool.

I don’t know that guy or where his music comes from.  Sorry, folks.


Anonymous asked: I am trying to find the song 1.16.2012. It was in the vid "kissless virgin manifesto". I tried the searching your site but it was not there. It was also not on soundcloud. btw I used to live in North Attleboro and Attleboro MA, I used to troll around Pawtucket back in the 90's sometimes. Good times! -Jason

Hi guy.  I saw your reddit thread obviously.  That song is not finished yet.  I’ve been working on it off and on since that date as part of a short album.  Maybe I will work on it some more soon.  Never been to Attleboro.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Anonymous asked: Do you have any idea what song is playing at the 8 minute mark in College Cunts? I've searched through tons of soundclouds and couldn't find anything! /watch?v=Kve0QkPuVQo is a reupload

That track is “Harm Done” by Viking Girlfriends, from the album “rob”.


The Pledge That You Have Taken Before God And Man


I mixed this the other day.

In the first half of this video I made Sam sound slightly more cartoonish.  In the second half he chose to use some of my music.  I haven’t released this track yet because I want to do more with it and some similar stuff so you can’t have it yet.