"30 Days of Hyde"

The music and sound effects for this took a very short amount of time to make.

New MDE stuff trailer

Bad Bomb 2

I was boom operator on this shoot.

I did this before but made a few quick edits yesterday to include parts from different sketches that were edited in.  Lots of stuff coming up.


HEY I worked on this today - I put in some wacky sound effects and music to make you kids giggle your socks off because it’s so important to me

"James, I recorded this through a kazoo, please make it sound good.  Thanks."

I cleaned up the audio on this to whatever degree I could in a reasonable amount of time.  There wasn’t much I could do.  Because I was attending an Apple “hiring event” around the time this video was published and this blog is in my email signature, I decided to postpone sharing it.  Still didn’t get the job after getting up at 5AM and my car broke down to and from the interview thing.  Got home around 3PM.  Hilarious.

This was a job for Slacktory.  It had bad wind noise and now it doesn’t.  Fixed some peaking as well but that wasn’t really the focus.  Around 6:25 I made the van sound like a cool motorcycle but the music, which was added after, obscures it a lot.

This took a long time to get done.  Every shot had loud generator noise.  See if you can hear a generator in this.  I also had to do a good deal of foley and that was lots of fun.  What you hear for his gun is actually my dad’s c-clamp, and I used an actual 5-gallon can of gasoline for the 5-gallon can of gasoline.  The faint sound of the cop car is fake too.

I hope you like this video.